Press news about The Armada Excursion boat,
constructed by SBO Yachting

Gülden Aydın’s flash news: “The Şirket-i Hayriye vessel is on the Bosphorus again” (Hürriyet daily, Sunday Supplement)

“The tourism professional Kasım Zoto who is very active in conserving architectural and cultural values he come up with a vessel this time. Zoto’s aim is to provide a better alternative to the unpleasant vessels cruising on the Bosphorus, Golden Horn and Sea of Marmara which he calls the “seas of İstanbul”.

“… Zoto built an exact replica of the ‘commuter’ or the ‘gentlemen’s vessel’ transporting businessmen from Long Island to New York and Manhattan in the beginning of 20th century. In Ottoman times, “Şirket’I Hayriye”* used these vessels to transport passengers on the Bosphorus with the name “tenezzüh” vessels” or “tenezzüh ferries”

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“The tenezzüh** spirit of  Istanbul is reviving!” the cultural identity and the raison d’être of “The Armada Excursion Boat” is summarized nicely in this headline of Motor Boat & Yachting, August 2012 issue. Besides, the catering offered in the boat was commented on creatively with the words; “Tenezzüh to taste”. 

This interview is made by Selcen Tanınmış, the editor of this monthly.
With our heartfelt thanks,

August 2012

*Şirket-i Hayriye: A steamship company that transported passengers and freight, in İstanbul between 1854-1945.
**“Tenezzüh”: Leaving grief and sorrow behind, relief and merry excursion…