Interview with Oğuz Ercantürk on The Armada Boat

Here are the words of Oğuz Ercantürk, the Chairman of the Board of SOB, the owner of the shipyard where The Armada Excursion Boat was built:

Question: Will you please tell us your background, Mr. Ercantürk?
Oğuz Ercantürk: I was born in Istanbul and at every stage of my life, I lived with the sea. As for my biggest dream was to build a vessel that would leave a mark in the seas. With this aim I bought this shipyard five years ago. I started this business by refurbishing this shipyard according to the needs of our age. Actually I had 35-40 years of maritime experience, but SBO Yachting institutionalized in 2011 by becoming a firm.

Question: How many vessels have you build until today? What was the first vessel that you built? And what kind a vessel was it?
OE: The first project of our shipyard was the excursion boat we built holding onto the old "commuter" concept.

Question: O.K. can we have your thoughts about the boats cruising in İstanbul today?
OE: I can’t stand anything ugly on water. Unfortunately, when I am strolling on the Bosphorus today I often close my eyes. This answer is enough to tell you what I think.

Question: "What would you like to say about “The Armada Excursion Boat”?
OE: I would like to say that, together with the owner of Armada 1, Mr. Kazım Zoto’s experiences in tourism and my maritime expertise, we have materialized the only vessel suited to the Istanbul life style and excursion. The feature I most like about this vessel, completed in 11 months, is its multifunctionality. I wish all the best to The Armada Excursion Boat.